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includeJS - learning JavaScript

Hi, and welcome! 👋

includeJS is written and maintained by me, Eva Dee 👩‍💻, a self-taught software developer.


  • read and write (checkout Tags to get an idea)
  • organise includeJS study groups (and I've previously organised Django Girls workshops, Cryptoparties, NodeSchool workshops, Hackathons and a bazillion of meetups)
  • have a 🐕 and 🐈🐈
  • live in the Lake District, UK ⛰️🐑
  • speak 🇸🇮🇨🇳🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈🇪🇸 (well, sort of, see how I'm doing here)
  • learning 🇬🇷 (see here)
  • use a lot of emojis 😬 (but somehow never managed to learn how to use gifs 🤷‍♀️)



📕 Sometimes I write down notes for an entire course, class or book. These are broken down into several posts.

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Latest notes

  • Best online resources for learning Modern Greek (IMHO!)

    My favourite resources for learning Greek that I encountered in the last year. Get in touch if you think I'm missing out on any.

  • We moved to Greece

    We started our drive on a Monday afternoon from the Lake District in the UK and by Saturday night we made it to Athens

  • On debugging

    Not all programmers (even if they are good) are good at debugging.

  • My Favorite Newsletters, 2022 Edition.

    The newsletters I'm currently reading can roughly be divided into three categories: everything internet (online culture, trends, memes), programming (front-end development and general computer science principles) & computers (Mac OS, productivity), and language & culture.