A beginner-friendly JavaScript ommunity ❤️

We are on Twitch! 👩‍💻

Because all of our events have been cancelled (due to COVID-19), we've decided to move online! I'll be having online conversations on Twitch with developers, designers, organisers, conference speakers and more.

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Topics covered will be: web development (JavaScript and ReactJS in particular), CSS, HTML, web design, accessibility, performance and more. If you watch the talks live you'll have the chance to ask questions as well! 💪

includeJS aims to bridge the diversity gap in tech. We're starting by concentrating on women in tech. As we get more established, we'll expand our focus to include other groups.

Our main focus is understanding JavaScript and front-end development, as well as HTML, CSS, static site generators, accessibility, web performance, user experience, web design and more! Our events are hands-on: make sure your always bring your laptop with you! 👩‍💻

The meetups meetups are held once a month at Anais Digital. If you would like to joins us as a coach or sponsor, get in touch with us on Twitter.

includeJS is also a co-organizer of CryptoParty Brussels - an event that focuses on cybersecurity and staying safe online.