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Best online resources for learning Modern Greek (IMHO!)

My favourite resources for learning Greek that I encountered in the last year. Get in touch if you think I'm missing out on any.

Written by Eva Dee on (about a 2 minute read).

A collection of the best online resources for learning Modern Greek (2022)

Learning the Greek Alphabet permalink

You will need to learn the alphabet before doing anything else 😅.

  • Duolingo has an alphabet learning section (note: I only use Duolingo - the free version - on my laptop. I'm not too fond of all the commercials and gamification you get on the mobile version)

These YT videos:

Vocabulary permalink

  • Duolingo - I've been doing around 50px every day for the past year
  • Memrise - the quality of decks will vary
  • Clozemaster - great app for practising vocab and reading (it's free, but you can skip the ads with the paid version)
  • Anki - by far my favourite resource. I religiously use Anki every day for about 50 minutes each day. Half of that time is spent on Greek, the other half on reviewing other languages and learning programming and other things relevant to my work as a software developer (keyboard shortcuts, programming concepts, useful snippets of code etc.).
    I heavily rely on shared decks (browse here, but if I encounter a word or phrase I particularly want to remember, I add it to my Anki too.
  • Babadum - colourful flashcards (many languages supported) - I used it a lot in the beginning when I was learning how to read

Speaking permalink

  • I use iTalki for 1:1 language classes


Listening permalink

  • Easy Greek videos + podcast! Totally worth subscribing and getting the video transcripts and the vocabulary lists (that you can then import into Anki)
  • Hellenic American Union 80 podcast episodes

Writing permalink

Note: I recommend buying Greek keyboard stickers, which you can tape over your computer/laptop's keyboard

Culture permalink

  • I've watched many movies (my favourite ones: 1968, Xenia, Brides) and listened to a lot of Greek music (Marina Satti!). Just anything that I could find online. 😊