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👋 I'm Eva, a self-taught software developer currently living in the UK.

Find me online here:

Below is a list of things I'm interested in or currently studying.

  • meeting interesting, kind and funny people
  • helping others (especially underrepresented folks) change their career into tech
  • two-player cooperative boardgames (see which ones I like here), and escape rooms (tell me your favorite ones and why)
  • learning foreign languages (do you have any tips on how to go from intermediate -> advanced?)
  • getting better at learning and staying focused
  • being a good teacher and a communicator

If you would like to talk to me about any of these, get in touch! (see above for how)

📚 Study Groups permalink

I organize weekly study groups that center around learning JavaScript and computer science.

They are intended for junior and mid-level developers who are committed to learning and sharing what they've learned with others.

We meet weekly on Zoom (Europe evening timezone). We organize ourselves through Discord and follow the includeJS Code of Conduct. We particularly welcome self-taught developers and career changers from diverse backgrounds.

**If you're interested in joining one of our groups in the future, get int touch (see above for how).

So far, we've studied:

  • The Missing Semester (by MIT)
  • The Opinionated Guide to React (by Sara Vieira)
  • CS50 (by Harvard)
  • You Don't Know JS (Kyle Simpson)
  • JS30 (Wes Bos)