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Better (Automated) GitHub Workflows

GitHub Tips & Tricks

Written by Eva Dee on (about a 2 minute read).

Creating a GitHub PR Template permalink


Create this file and directory at the root of your project. Once you've written the template, make sure to merge onto your default remote branch.

Creating a GitHub Issue Template permalink


This is where your template will live. Besides the markdown content, the template requires frontmatter.

name: Feature Request 💡 (name of the template)
about: Suggest a new idea for the project. ( template description)
labels: enhancement (default template labels)

Auto-assigning PRs on GitHub permalink

  • .github/CODEOWNERS

Create this file at the root of your project.

  • @ghuser1 @ghuser2

Add GitHub users (* means they will be global owners - a.k.a. the default owners for everything in the repo).

Automatically Squash Commits on GitHub when Merging Pull Requests permalink

Go to GitHub, Settings, scroll down to Merge button, select "Allow squash merging".

Automatically Delete Branches after Merging Pull Requests on GitHub permalink

Go to GitHub, Settings, scroll down to Merge button and select "Automatically delete head branches".

Open a GitHub Draft Pull Request permalink

  • Proceed as if you were doing a normal PR, at the final step, instead of clicking "Create pull request", click on the dropdown arrow to the right and choose "Create draft pull request".
  • This will create a PR with a "draft" label. Draft PR's can't be merged. To convert it into a standard PR, click "Ready for review".

Installing GitHub CLI permalink

  • brew install github/gh/gh

To install it on macOS.

  • gh repo view -w

Open a Repo in Browser using GitHub CLI.

  • alias repo='gh repo view -w'

My alias 💪.