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VScode Keyboard Shortcuts

Link to the VSCode installation page.

Written by Eva Dee on (about a 3 minute read).

The Ever-expanding List of Frequently Used Keyboard Shortcuts permalink

  • cmd + shift + \

For finding a matching bracket (especially useful if you're not using an extension that does that for you - like Rainbow Brackets).

  • cmd + p

Quick open, go to file.

  • cmd + p + p

Toggle back and forth between two files (equal to ctrl + tab).

  • cmd + .

To toggle the auto-fix menu (for fixing indentation, etc.). This is especially useful if you're not using Prettier.

  • cmd + 0

Bring focus to the sidebar. cmd 1 to bring the focus back to the code editor.

  • ctrl + [num]

Jump from tab to tab (e.g., first tab is ctrl + 1).

  • F2

Toggle rename mode: this will change the name of that constant wherever it occurs (great for refactoring).

  • F8

Go to the next error or warning.

  • F12

Go to the definition (great for exploring the codebase).

  • cmd + down arrow

Open a file while in file explorer (pressing the enter key will rename the file).

  • cmd + d

Select multiple instances.

  • alt + up arrow

Move a line of code up (you can move it down with the down arrow instead).

  • shift + alt + down arrow

Duplicate lines of code down (you can do it upward, by using the up arrow instead).

  • alt + right arrow

Navigate the code, word by word going right (you can go left by using the left arrow instead).

  • cmd + right arrow

Jump to the end of the line (cmd + left arrow for the beginning of the line).

  • cmd + l

Select the current line. Press the l key repeatedly to select more lines (expanding downward).

  • cmd + shift + k

Delete the current line.

  • cmd + shift + enter

Insert a line above.

  • cmd + [

Increase indentation (with closing square bracket to decrease indentation).

  • cmd + up arrow

Jump to the top of the file (use the down arrow to jump to the bottom of the file).

  • ctrl + g

Navigate to a specific line number.

  • cmd + backspace

Delete everything and place cursor to the start of that line.

  • cmd + k + v

Open markdown preview (for markdown files).

  • cmd + shift + .

Open breadcrumbs.

  • cmd + p then @

Go to the command palette, then press @ to navigate to the different sections of the file.

  • cmd + down arrow + .

Open the file (through directory explorer). Pressing enter will toggle the rename mode.

  • cmd + k + j

Open a Quokka workspace - prototyping playground.

  • cmd + ,

Go to user settings.

  • cmd + k + cmd + S

Open keyboard shorcuts.

Custom shortcuts permalink

  • alt + w + w

Close all files and collapse the directory tree.

  • capslock + right arrow

I'm using capslock as an extra modifier key (via Karabiner-Elements), this combination splits the screen horizontally to the right (useful for comparing two files).

  • capslock + F

Toggle full screen.