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Most Useful Slack Shortcuts

More Slack Shortcuts Here

Written by Eva Dee on (about a 2 minute read).

I work remotely, and most of our communication happens on Slack (we use Google Hangouts and Whereby for video communication and Notion for documentation and issue tracking).

Favorite Slack Shortcuts (so far) permalink

  • shift + enter

Create a new line in your message ('Enter' is for sending).

  • up arrow

Edit your last message.

  • cmd + u

To upload files (I use this one all the time for sharing screenshots of my work in progress).

  • cmd + shift + enter

Create a new code snippet. 💡Use single backticks for inline code and tripple backticks for a short code snippet.

  • /away

To toggle away status (useful for when you want to take a peek at your Slack group, but not be seen as online).

  • cmd + shift + y

Edit your status - to quickly tell your team that you are unavailable.

  • cmd + shift + a

Open all unreads. (Meh, not sure yet whether this one is useful for me).

  • alt + up arrow/down arrow

Navigate up and down channels or DMs 💪.

  • cmd + number

To switch between different slack groups 💪.

  • cmd + k

Quick switcher (sort of like command palette in VSCode).

  • cmd + /

Toggle the keyboard shortcuts panel.

  • /remind [who] [what] [when]

To set reminders in Slack.

Pro tips: